50 Medium Shag Haircuts for All Hair Types - Hair Adviser (2024)

Having mid-length hair isn’t a bad thing! You can style it curly, wavy, or straight, and it will look beautiful on all hair types. The best part about this length is that you can finally copy one of the much-talked-about trendy medium shag haircuts. A shag looks effortlessly chic in seconds! Also, if you get too hot or just don’t feel like wearing it down, your hair is long enough to put it up.

Here are some shaggy haircuts that will make you obsessed with your mid-length hair all over again.

1. Medium Curly Shag. Curls give a twist to this medium-length cut and add some major height!

2. Copper Medium Shag with Feathered Ends. Despite being heavily layered around the face and towards the bottom, this red hairstyle feels soft on the fine tresses, giving them a nice lift and dynamics.

3. Super Short Layered Shag. Take a walk on the shorter side with this daring look!

4. Chic Shaggy Cut with Front Bangs. Can a shaggy cut be chic? The answer is yes! Front bangs instantly frame your face, while the med shag haircut gives you a fresh, current look.

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5. Chunky Layers for Thick Hair. Look how layers can accentuate your medium thick hair?!

6. Medium Curly Shag. Take your curls up a notch with this messy, edgy style!

7. Light Brown Soft Haircut. Long layers with this wavy texture make your hair look smooth and super soft! Both thin- and thick-haired ladies can wear this style.

8. Beige Blonde Shoulder-Length Shag with Lush Curtain Bangs. This shaggy cut with many short layers is meant for tousled styling to produce volume in thin hair and add body in the front through long and deep bangs.

9. Undone Choppy Lob with Face-Framing Pieces. If you want your hair to look fuller on the bottom, check how medium shag haircuts can combine sliced ends of face-framing layers with basically blunt tips around the perimeter.

10. Simple Waves. A style this classy only takes about 10 mins to do! Just curl lightly to give you some texture and volume and tousle the hair.

11. Blonde Mid Shag with Shadow Roots. Shorter layers give off a playful vibe that you can wear anywhere!

12. Rebellious Medium Shag with a Side Part. This edgy cut with long layers gives texture and volume to thin-haired ladies! Parting it to the side adds extra height to this rocker style.

13. Chocolate Brown Shoulder Length Shag. This softer version of the shag features plenty of choppiness on the bottom and sparing layers around the crown, which enhances the lift at the roots without sacrificing the body.

14. Classy Soft Shag. Shorter layers that build this medium-length shag cut graze your cheekbones and jawline, softening your features flatteringly!

15. Strawberry Blonde Medium Layered Shag. The cut and color are EVERYTHING! A layered cut shows off the natural texture of your hair and works on all hair types.

16. Medium Shag with Bangs. Frame your face with razored bangs! This medium length cut is effortless and can be styled straight or wavy!

17. Fun Wispy Wolf Cut with Bangs. This airy shag is full of short wispy layers further accentuated by the flipped-up ends to deliver some of Farrah Fawcett’s vibes.

18. Shaggy Choppy Long Bob. Contrary to popular belief, layering does not exclude blunt ends, and this textured lob creates fullness on the bottom with the ends cut evenly rather than sliced out like the mid layers.

19. Highlighted Shoulder-Length Shag for Thick Straight Hair. A clear-cut shape, debulking, and texture — that’s what you can get with a smoothed version of shag derived from a regular lob.

20. Cute Finely Curled Shag. Medium shag haircuts work wonders on fine hair since they can remove weight and release natural waves, making the whole look bouncier, fuller, and more dynamic.

21. Ashy Blonde Shag with Bangs. Your limp bleached tresses can get a new lease of life with the bangs adding fullness to the front, shadow roots creating visual depth at the crown, and texturized layers lifting the whole look.

22. Platinum Medium Shag with Fringe. Longer layers with a middle-part fringe shift all the attention to your cheekbones and jawline! Not to mention – this color will look BEAUTIFUL in pictures and in life.

23. Rocker Med Shag. Black hair can be either chic when straight or rocker when wavy/curly. The mid-length allows for freedom in styling and vibe!

24. Medium Shag for Thin Hair. Shorter layers are a great way to add texture and thickness to your locks!

25. Straight Shag. Have fun with shorter feathered layers in this look – it’s alright if they aren’t perfect because they call it a shaggy cut for a reason!

26. Modern Shag with Layered Side Bangs. Girls who’d like to turn their bobs into something retro-chic should think of shoulder shaggy haircuts like this one with tons of texture on the sides and bottom.

27. Chic Mid-Length Shag. This black shag is upgraded with brown feathers to bring out its textured and movement.

28. Choppy Ginger Blonde Cut with Dense Curtain Bangs. Heavy curtain bangs play well with medium-length shag haircuts giving them a piece-y look while also adding fullness in the front.

29. Medium Length Shag with a Full Graduated Fringe. This trendy mid-length wolf cut with copper highlights is complemented with a full textured fringe, which, in fact, can be parted in the middle to turn into the cool-girl curtain bangs.

30. Light Medium Layered Shag. This shag is handsomely layered to remove some bulk from the thick mane, but it is cut light in the front to avoid overloading the face and keep it open while flatteringly framed.

31. Mid-Length Loose Waves. Switch up your long hair for this playful cut that works on all face shapes!

32. Wavy Shag with Curtain Bangs. Medium length shag haircuts don’t have to be all about sharp layers or tight curls, and this bouncy style proves that combining large bents with straight curtain bangs is a good idea.

33. Mid Length Shag with Parisian Feel. This classy style elevates the layers by curling them into effortless waves and makes a statement with the choppy bits of hair sitting side by side with the face-framing pieces.

34. Effortless Mid Shag. The combination of loose waves and layers adds texture and a hint of the ‘boss lady’ attitude!

35. Shaggy Dirty Blonde Hairstyle with Money Piece. It’s a brilliant idea to emphasize the graduated face-framing strands with a bright white money piece to shift attention from the gorgeous blonde mane to the face.

36. Chocolate Mid-Length Shag with Sliced Layers. We all know that bulky straight hair can be shapeless and poorly managed, which is not the case with this head of deep brown hair, perfectly outlined, relieved of excess weight, and razor-cut for movement.

37. Medium Shag with Wispy Layers. Those wishing to keep their shags on the softer side should ask for fluid layers like these, with little work done by texturizing shears and a touch of disconnection.

38. Feathered Dirty Blonde Shag. Get major volume with shorter layers all over your head rather than classic long layers for this shoulder-length cut.

39. Wavy Balayaged Shag. Don’t be afraid to curl your shorter layers – with a light hand they turn into loose waves that give you an effortless style.

40. Collarbone Shag. Instantly draw attention to your collarbone with a one-length shaggy cut.

41. Platinum Blonde Shag. Who says blonde is only one shade? Play around with different shades of blonde and show them off with a shaggy layered cut!

42. Textured Shag with Shadow Roots. Getting a shaggy cut is all about bringing texture and life back into your hair.

43. Creamy Bronde Medium Shag. Look how much texture and volume she has? We’re jealous!

44. Dark Violet Shag. Gorgeous subtle violet hues peak through this brunette shaggy cut!

45. Sleek Wolf Cut with See-Through Bangs. This style perfectly shows the texturizing power of the shag that totally transforms the look of fine straight tresses by applying the right layers.

46. Boho Shag with Bangs. Freshen up your style with this bohemian-vibe cut. The front bags add a hint of softness!

47. Curly Brown Blonde Shag. Curl some pieces in different directions to get extra volume and texture. Remember, they don’t have to be perfect curls.

48. Mid-Length Shag with Balayage. Having a fringe and shorter layers on top with longer layers on the bottom of your shaggy cut will give you the volume you’ve been searching!

49. Retro Shoulder-Length Shag. We are getting Stevie Nicks vibes from this style!

50. Feathered Shag with Flipped Ends. Longer layers that are curved at the ends give you a feathered, fun style!

As far as medium shag hairstyles go, use these as inspiration for your next trip to a hair salon! If you want to explore medium shag haircuts – be bold and go for it!

50 Medium Shag Haircuts for All Hair Types - Hair Adviser (2024)
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